About Me

Hello, everyone! I'm Maggie.  Here are the basics about me.

I LOVE JESUS. I'm a Christ-follower.

I'm a reader and a bit of a writer (nothing published yet, though).

I love taking pictures, but I'm not professional.  Freelance, baby.

And, of course, I love to read and write reviews of books!

Books contain a special kind of magic.  When you open them, you can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone.  You enter the lives of a set of characters, and you learn the intricate details of their story.  What could be more special?  When you open a book, you step into another place, and perhaps another time.  You escape your current moment, whether good, bad, or boring, and you go wherever the author wants to take you.  This is the magic of reading.

You see, when you read, you forget.  You leave reality behind.  You entirely immerse yourself within  a story, within another person.  You get to see what they see and experience the same adventures that they experience, all for a moment.  A brief, flitting moment, but a beautiful moment all the same.

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