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Review: Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Review: Graceling by Kristin Cashore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I didn't even know how incredible this book was going to be when I picked it up. I had some idea, but not anywhere in the ballpark of how awesome this book really was.

I had been wanting to read Graceling for a while because my best friend Abby had told me how much she loved it and how awesome it was. It wasn't at the top of my reading list or anything, but I was at Wall-Mart shopping for my trip to El Salvador and I realized that I didn't have anything to read on the airplane ride there. I started looking for The Host by Stephanie Meyer, but seeing as they did not have it at the store, I had to pick out a different book. I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't find The Host, but then my eyes caught a glimpse of Graceling. So I picked it up. I thought, "Hey, might as well. This will be better than nothing." And so my obsession began.

Graceling is set in a world where people who have two different colored eyes are "Graced". Meaning that they have the capability to excel in a certain skill farther than any normal human. These Graces can range from holding your breath for an extremely long amount of time, to baking, or to killing.

Katsa, a Lady from the kingdom of Middluns, is Graced with killing. Her uncle, King Randa, therefore chooses to use her as his personal assassin. Recently, however, Katsa has been going on some of her own missions. But rather than to hurt, these missions are to save.

On one of her self-commissioned assignments, she is on her way to save a prince, the father of the Lienid King Ror, from captivity in the kingdom of Sunder. In the middle of the mission, however, she chances upon a younger Lienid. His name is Po, and he is the son of King Ror. Together, they go on a journey to understand why Po's grandfather was being kept in Sunder, and inevitably, adventure ensues.

Let me just start by saying I LOVE PO. He is all I ask for in a good supporting character. The relationship that he has with Katsa is amazing. They seem to be such an odd pair of friends, seeing as Katsa is wild and not really the outgoing type (ha. AT ALL.), and that Po is so calm and in-control. But they begin to have a really good relationship that grows constantly, even though they tend to fight quite a bit.

Also, Katsa is such a strong lead character. No damsels-in-distress here. I love the fact that she can take care of herself and doesn't really have to rely on others, yet she still chooses to trust Po and a couple of other people. But Katsa is one tough girl. She can get along just fine on her own, which is a pretty rare quality.

So, now I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on Fire. This book was amazing, and I'll be reading the sequel as soon as possible. Amazing job, Kristin Cashore. I applaud you. You have caused me to fall in love with yet another fictional character.

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