Friday, September 14, 2012

Flood Friday (#2)

Hey, everyone! Here at Raindrop Reads, I highlight a "character-of-the-week" on Fridays, and, sticking with the rainy theme of my blog, I like to call it Flood Friday.

This Friday's Character:

Cassia from Matched by Ally Condie

*Caution, mild spoilers if you haven't read the book*

I feel like Cassia gets shafted a lot because she's a city kid.  But let's face it, if we're basing our opinions on that, she proved us all wrong with Crossed.  But, anyway, Cassia is just a pretty kick-butt girl.  She's feminine, but she knows how to handle herself in pretty much any situation she's put in.  That, in my opinion, is an awesome characteristic for a female lead to have, and Cassia pulls it off in a manner that to me is absolutely extraordinary.

In Cassia's world,  the Society is in control.   They decide what you eat, what job you have,  what you read, what you listen to, how you spend your time, and even who you will marry (or be matched to, hence the title).  The Society controls every aspects of their lives.  But Cassia doesn't let them control hers.  She finds a way to challenge the government and challenge the rules in everything she does.  She won't let them decide her life for her.

Why I love Cassia:

She's not some little passive main character.  SHE KICKS BUTT.  She doesn't just ask for things to get handed to her.  She may be a city kid, but she knows how to handle herself in almost any given situation.  And she won't let the Society touch the things that she loves.

Also, one of the things I love most about Cassia is that she never complains.  Ever.  And believe me, she has  every right to.  At least, more right to complain than over half the annoying main characters that do complain the whole book *cough* Kelsey from Tiger's Curse *cough*. But does she complain? Nope.  Does she sit around and mope and gripe and whine the whole time?  Nope.  She just picks herself up and moves on.  She works to take care of the people that she loves and she gets done what needs to get done.  And I'm over here just like, "GET IT, GIRL."   She's just awesome.  No other words for it.  She doesn't let others define her, and she definitely doesn't let others decide her life for her. 

So, if you guys need a good read pretty soon, be sure and check out Matched.  It's an awesome book, and (obviously), it has an amazing main character.  I could go on for hours.  

Also, are there any characters (good or bad) that you guys want me to highlight for Flood Friday in the next few weeks? (You can check my read shelf on Goodreads to see if I've read the book you want).

Peace Out, Girl Scouts!

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